Is Your Toxic Colon Muzzling The Almighty? – Patricia King’s Plan To Unmuzzle God By Cleansing Your Colon



Did you know a toxic colon can put a muzzle on the almighty God? Patricia King claims that after doing an extended fast that involved detoxing her colon she received clear prophetic dreams. She’s offering an extended program to help you detox your colon, and other parts of your digestive system, in the hopes that your health will improve, your system will get detoxed, and God will be able to speak to you again, apparently.


This whole thing is absurd. As if God can’t communicate because someone eats too much junk food. Maybe cessationists don’t receive direct revelation because their system is stuffed full of sugar and cheese?

Original video here.

Hocus Misfocus: How False Teachers Make Errors Appear Respectable, Safe, and True


Have you ever heard a false teacher talk about how some teachings or manifestations have abuses, extremes, or crazy aspects? After telling you that said teaching or manifestation has abuses, extremes, and crazy aspects, they then pivot and attempt to tell you the correct way to teach or do said thing. If you’ve ever experienced this, you may be the victim of Hocus-Misfocus.

Hocus-Misfocus is when a false teacher tries to make an error look respectable, safe, and true. They do this by framing it as if it’s true, it’s just that some people have been abusive, extreme, or crazy with said teaching\manifestation.

They’re attempting to get you to let your guard down, by convincing you they’re not crazy, extreme, or false like all of the others.

In reality, they may actually be error\false\heretical just like the others.

You’ll hear people talk about abuses of the prosperity gospel. Here’s the thing, the entire prosperity gospel is false. There isn’t a safe, respectable, or true way to proclaim it. The entire thing is broken.

I could give other examples, but I think you get the point. Whenever you hear a teacher framing something as if it has abuses, extremes, or a crazy end, slow down and evaluate if the entire thing is true or false. Don’t become a victim of Hocus-Misfocus.

Jesus’ Heavenly Shamrock Prank on St. Patrick – Mansion in Field of Five Foot Tall Shamrocks


Jesus has a really good sense of humor and used it on St. Patrick by putting his mansion in a field of five foot tall worshipping shamrocks, according to Kat Kerr.



Original video here.

You’re Too Fat For Your Shirt: God Is Sending a Tsunami of New Shirts


Apparently everyone is too fat for their shirts, so God is sending a tsunami of new bigger shirts for us to put on for the new thing he’s going to do, according to Dena Montgomery Gullings of Princess Warriors Ministry in her latest Facebook video. The new thing is even going to happen at Walmart. (Click this link if the video doesn’t appear below.)

This is nothing more than another serving of nonsensical pseudo-prophetic word salad. In their world God is always doing something new. It’s as if he never finishes a thing because the new thing, the shift, new season, you get the idea, is always coming forth.

Don’t buy into this nonsense. Prophetic words like this are formed by the same old words obtained from their grab bag of rote meaningless words.


Victory Tips Surplus Store: Charlie Shamp’s Decrees Render All Other Victory Tips Unnecessary


Patricia King and Robert Hotchkin offer tips on how to get victory and favor, but they totally fail to realize their tips aren’t needed, because since the end of September 2018 Charlie Shamp has decreed some version of total victory at least six times.

Why are King’s and Hotchkin’s tips necessary if all can be set straight with a simple decree from Charlie Shamp? Why do we need tips from any other teachers on this topic? Charlie Shamp’s decrees have pretty much rendered all other teachings on this topic as mere victory tip surplus. Even as surplus, it’s not needed.

Let’s pause and think for a minute before we get too hasty. Charlie Shamp has decreed some form of victory six times in about two months, which might imply his decrees aren’t exactly effective. You’d think at most, three decrees would do it. So maybe King and Hotchkin don’t need to deposit their tips in a victory tip surplus store quite yet.

All kidding aside, the point should be clear about the nonsense of endless victory tips and decrees. They clearly don’t work, otherwise Shamp would cancel out the need for all others.

Next time you see one of these phonies promising victory, breakthrough, and the like online, copy and paste the links below, and inform them they’re not necessary because Charlie Shamp has decreed victory six times already.







The evidence supporting the above is below.















Francis Chan’s Wolf Food Invitation: Chan Invites Christians to Become Wolf Food at Conference with Dangerous Five-Fold Ministry Heretics


Francis Chan is inviting Christians to become wolf food at a conference with speakers who practice heretical and dangerous manifestations like holy laughter, being drunk in the spirit, slain in the spirit, and you get the idea. Chan isn’t merely speaking along with questionable people, he’s inviting people to hear them speak, and participate in anything else that may happen.

One could possibly give Chan a pass if he was simply speaking, but he’s actually inviting people to the event and promoting it. Watch the video invitation here if it doesn’t appear below (Click the link.).

The Send is February 23, 2019. The location is in Orlando, Florida.  Many speakers are part of the five-fold ministry/NAR movement that is known to practice dangerous demonic things like being slain in the spirit, holy laughter, and being drunk in the spirit.


Here are videos of Heidi Baker acting totally out of her mind, and imparting her demons to other people.

Bill Johnson imparting some cackling, convulsing, twitching, spasms, and falling.

Demonic manifestations with IHOP and Mike Bickle.

Chan’s invitation and promotion makes him complicit in exposing Christians to these demonic manifestations. Chan has been within the realm of acceptable for some, despite participating in events with Lou Engle, Mike Bickle, and I.HO.P. He was given a pass by some because he was only speaking with them. You can read about some of that in my entry Is Francis Chan a False Teacher?.

Chan is doing more than speaking with wolves, he’s inviting sheep to become part of their dinner. It’s time to stop considering Chan as within the realm of acceptable. It’s one thing to preach with wolves, it’s another thing to help wolves find their dinner.

Clarice Fluitt’s Dead Body Dissonance


Dr. Clarice Fluitt did a Facebook video from an airport in Tulsa, Oklahoma and bragged about an upcoming event where there would be healing of the sicking, casting out of devils, preaching of the truth, and raising of the dead. Right after her bumper sticker mini-commercial, she told about how some people at the airport witnessed the casket of a dead  Marine. She didn’t tell us about how she went to the casket and raised the Marine from the dead. You’d think a woman of such faith and power would have done that, but she didn’t.

People like Clarice Fluitt are braggadocious windbags, like clouds without water. They offer great boasts, but in the end, deliver zero substance.


11 Woe to them! For they have gone the way of Cain, and for pay [a]they have rushed headlong into the error of Balaam, and perished in the rebellion of Korah. 12 These are the men who are [b]hidden reefs in your love feasts when they feast with you without fear, caring for themselves; clouds without water, carried along by winds; autumn trees without fruit, [c]doubly dead, uprooted; 13 wild waves of the sea, casting up their own [d]shame like foam; wandering stars, for whom the [e]black darkness has been reserved forever.

Original video here.