Charlie Shamp Inoculates Himself Against Being Called a False Prophet


Charlie Shamp just inoculated himself from ever being accused of being a false prophet. Basically if something doesn’t happen it’s because people didn’t pray enough. If this excuse can be used, then we’re pretty much unable to label a prophecy as false. This is possibly a reaction to recent reports of two failed prophecies from Shamp. He said Hurricane Michael would be silenced (read here), and he said the Maine fishing industry would break records in 2017 (read here), and both prophecies were failures. Watch the video below. Click here if the video doesn’t load.


Scripture doesn’t let failed prophets inoculate themselves by blaming lack of prayer. The “inoculation” for false prophets was actually death. Deuteronomy 18.

20 But the prophet who speaks a word presumptuously in My name which I have not commanded him to speak, or which he speaks in the name of other gods, m]”>[m]that prophet shall die. 21 n]”>[n]You may say in your heart, ‘How will we know the word which the Lord has not spoken?’ 22 When a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the thing does not come about or come true, that is the thing which the Lord has not spoken. The prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him.

Full original video here.

Cemetery Evacuation Fail: Missionary PaulyB Leaves All Bodies in Chains of Death at Cemetery after Telling People They Can Be Greater Than Jesus


Missionary PaulyB was in Spokane, Washington and made a video from the cemetery where supposed healing evangelist John. G Lake’s grave is located. In the video he told his viewers that they could do greater things than John G. Lake.

He then told people they could be the next Jesus to walk the Earth, and they can do greater works than Jesus. He even said Jesus wants us to be greater than him. The only thing holding people back from that is their thoughts. After his lecture Paulb left every dead body in the cemetery in the chains of death. Either because his thoughts held him back from raising them all from the dead, or he doesn’t believe any of the nonsense he just said. Watch the video below.


Full original video here.

Credibility Exit: Reinhard Bonnke Pals Around with False Prophet Benny Hinn Abandoning Any Ounce of Credibility He Had Left


Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke has decided to abandon any remaining credibility he had left. He posted a picture on Facebook of him palling around with false prophet and prosperity pimp Benny Hinn.


He so proud of the association he even made it his cover photo.


Yes I can substantiate my claim that Benny Hinn is a false prophet and prosperity pimp.

Why should someone’s ministry be followed who goes out of his way to clearly support someone like Hinn? It shows a lot about where Bonnke stands on doctrine and issues. He’s part of the same toxic swamp as the likes of Benny Hinn.

Please find a better person to get instruction and edification if you’re a follower of Bonnke. He’s going to lead your soul to hell’s toxic cesspool. Come to truly clear waters and find true rest for your weary soul.


Blame Cindy Jacobs for Terrorist Attacks and Tyrannical Leaders


Cindy Jacobs says she has the power to stop terrorist attacks and overthrow tyrannical leaders. She claimed she stopped the shoe bomber, and overthrew Mugabe in Zimbabwe and Zuma in South Africa. She says Christians can act as enforcers and do those things.

If she wants to take credit for stopping events and leaders, then she needs to take credit for failure to stop them. Right now there are dozens of corrupt evil leaders in the world, oppressing their people. Why isn’t Cindy Jacobs acting as an enforcer and ousting them?

The answer? Because she’s a fraud. Watch her entire appearance on Sid Roth as she tells the narrative of how powerful and amazing she is, and how you can be too if you just listen to her and buy her materials.

Original video.

Jesse Duplantis Contradicts About Asking for Money for His Jet


Jesse Duplantis released a followup video concerning funding for his jet. In the followup video he says he only asked people to believe with him for the jet. Duplantis said he never raised money for the jet, or asked for money. Yet in his initial video he asked people to pray about becoming a partner to it.

First video here.

Second video here.

“Jesus paid for you to be able to enjoy your life” – Joyce Meyer


Joyce Meyer says Jesus paid for you to be able to enjoy your life. This implies he suffered on the cross, so you could have some enjoyment in this life. Given the theological camp she’s in, it’s very safe to conclude she doesn’t mean in the sense of God reconciling us to himself so we can delight in restored relationship with him.

She teaches the heresy that we can call things into existence like God.

She says repeating the same words over and over will get you healed.

The trajectory of Joyce’s theology aims toward Jesus paying a price so we can have a few decades of “full life” on the earth before we die.

Original video here.

You Can’t Tell Everybody You’re Sick Says Gloria Copeland


Gloria Copeland tried explaining her heretical view of faith, sickness, and healing, and instead of bringing the sick people freedom, she put them in further bondage. She directs the sick to deny reality. She says, “I can’t tell everybody I’m sick.”

There are no scriptures that say if you deny reality with your lips that you’ll be healed.

Original video here.

Copeland also says on Facebook you don’t have to wait for answers to prayer, you can have what you want now.