Tornado Lips: Todd White Thinks Your Lips Might Accidentally Cause A Tornado


Todd White recently posted a video where he addresses the heat Francis Chan took affirming him, and the heat Todd takes affirming Kenneth Copeland. During his speech White affirmed Copeland’s heretical doctrine about the power of human words, specifically that our unintended words may cause a tornado to form and come our way and cause destruction. Suggesting that if you simply say you were blown away, it might cause a tornado.

Human words are certainly powerful, but they do not have the power to cause tornadoes that come our way and cause destruction. Word of Faith teachers like Copeland distort scriptures about the power of words. Their distortion grants man the creative power that belongs to God only. The distortion also leads people into deception, paranoia, and superstition.

The doctrine taught by people like Copeland and White is more than an incorrect second level debatable issue. Their doctrine teaches a different Christianity, a different God, and a different Gospel. It’s clear there should be major concern when people like Francis Chan affirm the ministries of people like Todd White.

Check out these resources for further explanation.


Full video here.

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