Benny Hinn Is Still on the Grift: Sow Seed to Trigger Healing, Miracle, Prosperity 09-11-2019


On 09-11-2019 Benny Hinn Ministries posted a video to their Facebook page. These quotes from Benny Hinn are in the video.

“When you sow seed you trigger the healing, you trigger the miracle, you trigger that prosperity.”

“As you sow your seed you trigger prosperity.”


This is significant, because by 09-05-2019 there was a viral video of Benny Hinn claiming to have recanted certain aspects of the prosperity gospel, and there was a smidgen of evidence he was taking steps for his actions to match his words. You can read about that here.

As of right now Benny Hinn Ministries is still offering people healing, miracles, and prosperity if they send money to Benny Hinn Ministries. That means so far, Benny Hinn and his ministries have not repented of the heresy of the prosperity gospel. He’s still on the grift.

Benny Hinn Recants the Prosperity Gospel Again and His Ministry Immediately Asks for Seed Faith Money: Thoughts for the Hopeful, Skeptical, and Gullible

###UPDATE 200 PM EASTERN TIME 09-05-2019. Hinn’s Facebook page, and his website have removed videos offering debt elimination for a seed faith offering. This is significant, because those videos were posted after his recantation. This may be a solid indicator that his recantation of the prosperity gospel message is for real, this time. ###


Benny Hinn has recanted the prosperity gospel, again. Link His webpage is still posting recent videos of Hinn offering debt elimination if you sow seed into his ministry.(Link Link About 21 minutes in. (His guest offering debt elimination for money.) The contradiction is obvious, but thoughts about the contradiction are not the same. I want to offer brief thoughts about this contradiction for the hopeful, gullible, and skeptical.



Those who are hopeful, point out that Benny Hinn may have others operating his online ministry. This means that he’s unaware of videos being posted after his recantation. The hopeful believe Benny Hinn, and put blame on those operating his online ministry.

In February of 2018 Benny Hinn said he was guilty of taking the prosperity gospel too far. Link If he had meant this, then videos wouldn’t have shown up later of his ministry preaching the prosperity gospel. Link (A 2014 article asserting Hinn repented of certain charismatic abuses. Link.)

Some may observe his past false recantation(s), and see the contradictions from his recent recantation, and conclude the new recantation is bogus too. You may label such people as skeptics. Others may see the contradictions, and still believe his current recantation. You may label such a person as hopeful or gullible.

What should the hopeful, skeptical, and gullible think after the recent recantation? Given his past, I think it’s reasonable to be skeptical. All we can do is wait and see. Let’s see where Hinn is at after a month or so.

Also I actually just had to edit this entry before I posted it. Why? Because I had links up to videos on Benny Hinn’s Facebook page that were posted after his recantation. Those videos were offering debt relief if you sent his ministry money. Those videos were just removed, about 1:30 PM Eastern time on 09-05-2019. Maybe there is reason to be hopeful.