Tornado Alley Blew Over As Ken Copeland Fiddled His Money


Tornado alley blew over as Kenneth Copeland fiddled his money. The Washington Post reports that over the last 12 days there have been 225 tornadoes. Kenneth Copeland might be the one to blame.

Gloria Copeland says Ken can control the weather. He has the computers to keep track of the weather, and he can even make tornadoes go away.  They have an exclusive article about how we need to talk to the weather.

Ken has a fancy jet and access to weather equipment. He also rakes in all of that money, all for the purpose of doing the Lord’s work, of course.


Why isn’t Ken using his vast wealth, his fancy weather equipment, his fancy jet, and his ability to stop tornadoes to go about the Lord’s business of helping people by stopping tornadoes? He claims that’s why God makes people filthy stinking rich.

Of course we know the answer. Ken can’t stop tornadoes, and all of that money is for him, and not for doing the Lord’s work.



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