Studious Shawn Bolz: The Art of Doing Your Homework Before Giving a Cold Reading “Prophetic” Word


A good case can be made that Shawn Bolz’s ability to be studious and do his homework before giving a “prophetic” word, has helped in his ability to give what appears to be accurate prophetic words.

At The Send 2019 Shawn Bolz gave a prophetic word to a “random” guy in the big crowd named Dennis Melnichuk. Here is the word, and some commentary on the word from Dennis. Link if it doesn’t load below.

Looks impressive, yeah? Here’s the thing, you have to register to attend the send, meaning there is a long list of names anyone leading the event can access.


It would be very easy for someone who has the “gift” of getting words from God to scan the list for people they want to “minister” to, to then go on the Internet and mine for information. It’s interesting how much information Dennis has about himself on his own website. He also has a lot of information public on his Facebook profile.


Also this extensive testimonial video.

Shawn Bolz lacks credibility on a lot, so I’m highly doubtful God is speaking to him. It’s more believable that Bolz is really studious and did his homework. Read about Shawn Bolz’s credibility issues below.

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Francis Chan vs. Todd White – Video By Popular Gospel Channel On Youtube

The Popular Gospel Channel on Youtube made a really helpful video contrasting Francis Chan and Todd White, you should watch it.

My Heart’s Soft Spot for Francis Chan

I really enjoy dwelling in the land of theological overlap. Despite doctrinal differences between so many groups, there always remains, for the most part, a substantive amount of theological overlap amongst them all.

When I have heard Francis Chan speak, it seemed like he always stayed within that realm, and I love him for it. (Some may disagree with me, and point to his supposed gnosticism and mysticism. People making those observations may be right, but on the other hand, I find many people apply those labels to almost anything they disagree with. I tend to stick to the big themes and low hanging fruit, and claims of gnosticism and mysticism seem to be on the more detailed minutia end of the pool, in my opinion. So I tend to avoid that topic and leave that to others.)

I digress. If you have followed this blog, you know about my coverage of Francis Chan.
This has been the most accessed blog entry for 2019. Read here.┬áIt’s been really hard covering him, because in a way, I really appreciate his ability to dwell in the area of theological overlap as I stated above. He felt like a kindred spirit to some extent.

Unlike the overt charlatans, I really think Chan is sincere, and in his heart thinks he’s doing right. Sadly that doesn’t make his associations and teacher/ministry recommendations/promotions less dangerous. Some try drawing a distinction between someone’s teaching, and those they promote and recommend. There may be some distinction, but the space between the two is more the size of a frog hair, not a Grand Canyon sized gap.


Recommending and promoting such people is indeed a theological statement, and it points the innocent sheep of Jesus toward the wolves.

I really pray Francis Chan becomes aware of the wolves he’s recommending to God’s sheep. It’s quite possible he goes to these events and leaves, and doesn’t really pay close attention. It’s possible that he knows these people on a shallow level, and thinks they seem like nice guys, it’s just that Chan hasn’t taken time to know the depth of their heresy. Regardless, until Chan becomes aware and/or changes, he should be avoided.




What Did Francis Chan’s Invitees To The Send 2019 Experience? Wolf Experiences?




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Francis Chan Calls Todd White Bold Man of God and Includes Him With Amazing Teachers at The Send 2019


Francis Chan while speaking at The Send on February 23, 2019 referred to Todd White as a bold man of God who does not back down, and he also included Todd White when referencing amazing teachers he heard at The Send.

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Francis Chan Uses Same Event Stage as Benny Hinn & Rodney Howard Browne at The Send


Francis Chan spoke at The Send, and later the same day Benny Hinn was on the very same stage leading in some worship songs. Rodney Howard Browne showed up too.

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Paul Cain’s Homosexuality, Drunkenness, Failed Restoration Recalled by Rick Joyner


Rick Joyner posted a video on Facebook where he recalled the past homosexual relationships, drunkenness, and failed restoration of Paul Cain.

(Link to video if it doesn’t show above.)
Rick Joyner claims Paul Cain fell into homosexuality, was a drunkard, and basically rebelled against the restoration process offered to him by Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle, and Jack Deere. He says Paul Cain lied about living a celibate life. Joyner does hold out hope that Paul Cain got right with God before dying.