Prophetic Pickle: Charlie Shamp Wonders Why People Don’t Believe Prophets, Yet He Also Believes Real Prophets Can Be Wrong


Charlie Shamp just Tweeted and wondered why people don’t follow the prophets. If he’d read one of his own social media posts from a few days ago he’d possibly understand why people don’t follow prophets. He justified his failed prophecy about the 2018 election by appealing to 1 Corinthians 13:9. He basically said since people know and prophecy in part, it’s possible for prophecies to be totally wrong. Well if a word has a chance of being wrong, and leading people in the wrong direction, then why should people listen to it? You can read more about that here.



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Prophetic Pickle: Charlie Shamp Wonders Why People Don’t Believe Prophets, Yet He Also Believes Real Prophets Can Be Wrong

The “We Know and Prophecy in Part” Fallacy for Justifying Failed and False Prophetic Words

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A Message to Charlie Shamp and His Supporters

Cessationism Is Heretical Great Apostasy Says Prophet Charlie Shamp

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Funky Unique Revival Being Released by God says Prophet Charlie Shamp

“Prophet” Charlie Shamp Offers to Cast Demon Out of John MacArthur – Who Has the Real Demon?

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