Ryan LeStrange Doesn’t Know Leviathan Is Dead


Ryan LeStrange posted a video on October 22, 2018  about exposing the Leviathan spirit and defeating it. It’s part of a book he’s selling. What Ryan LeStrange doesn’t know is that the Leviathan spirit is dead. Charlie Shamp informed us of the death of Leviathan in the Gulf of Mexico around October 9th or 10th, 2018. You can read about that here.


It’s really odd that Ryan LeStrange doesn’t know Leviathan met his demise in the Gulf of Mexico in early October 2018. LeStrange gets more downloads from heaven than most prophets we read in the bible. You’d think he would have received that download too, I mean it seems like he has the prophetic equivalent of Google fiber. It’s stupid for people to keep spending their money to purchase a book on how to defeat a spirit that’s already dead.

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