Failed False Prophet Charlie Shamp Takes His Failed Promises and Prophecies to Kenya


Failed prophet Charlie Shamp is taking his spectacle of falsehood and failure to Kenya for a crusade November 8-11, 2018. He’s promising the presence and power of Christ to the people of Kenya. Shamp has an accumulating record of failed prophecies and failed promises traveling behind him in anything but a train of triumph.

Recently he had a failed series of decrees and declarations. On October 17, 2018 he decreed that all yokes of setback were broken. (Read about that here.) Apparently that failed because on October 22, 2018 he had to issue another decree that things were defeated. (Read about that here.) He prophesied and promised that Hurricane Michael would be silenced. It wasn’t silenced, and instead caused death and major damage. (Read about that here.) In 2017 he prophesied and promised that the Maine fishing industry would break records. It did not break records, and it actually showed decline. (Read about that here.)


Charlie Shamp’s upcoming crusade in Kenya promising the presence and power of Jesus Link 1 Link 2.


Charlie Shamp’s recent failed promises in decrees and declarations. 

On October 17, 2018 he declared all yokes of setback broken. Apparently that failed because he had to issue another decree on October 22, 2018. He had to decree every stronghold gone, again.

October 17, 2018 Link


October 22, 2018 Link


Then there are his failed promises and prophecies regarding the silencing of Hurricane Michael, and the success of the 2017 Maine fishing industry. Those links are above in the introduction.

Charlie Shamp is a false prophet with a record of failed promises and prophecies. He should not be regarded as a prophet of God. He should be regarded as a man in desperate need of calling upon God to grant him repentance from making false prophecies and promises in the name of God.





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