After Failed Hurricane Michael “Prophecy” “Prophet” Shamp Repeatedly Lashes Out Against “Heresy Hunters”


Charlie Shamp has repeatedly lashed out against “Heresy Hunters” on his Facebook page after his failed prophecy about the silencing of Hurricane Michael (At landfall it was a category 4 with 155 mph winds, that has caused massive damage and life lost.) You can read coverage of that by clicking this link. It’s uncertain if Charlie Shamp is lashing out against Heterodox Research Initiative.


10-10-2018 5:47pm Eastern Link


10-12-2018 3:00am Eastern Link


10-12-2018 7:15pm Eastern Link


Prophet Charlie Shamp is a failed and false prophet who needs to repent. He attempts deflecting from the facts by pointing at people and calling them religious, or heresy hunters. Those deflections are distractions meant to prevent you from thinking and evaluating the facts.

Charlie Shamp, if you’re reading this, call upon God and ask him to grant you repentance. Ask him to set you free from the strong deception and delusion you’re under. Those who follow Shamp should do the same.


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