Shamp Prophecy Silences Hurricane Michael down to Cat 4 155mph Winds at Landfall Causing Major Damage and Life Lost



Prophet Charlie Shamp gave a prophecy that Hurricane Michael would be silenced. It was apparently silenced down to a CAT 4 with 155mph winds at landfall, causing much damage and life lost. Shamp engaged in some prophetic chest thumping, indicating major world leaders should come to him for insight into the future. Based on the definition of silenced, I suggest world leaders refrain from going to him.

Shamp also said Leviathan’s head would be crushed beyond repair, implying from now on Leviathan is dead, and all of those books, videos, and blogs on how to fight him are no longer necessary, as are any future books, videos, and blogs about him.


In a prophecy dated 01-15-2018 Prophet Charlie Shamp said there would be a storm to hit the panhandle of Florida that would be silenced. He said it was some how a manifestation of the Leviathan spirit. (Archived link) (It should be noted that a hurricane in this region isn’t something that’s rare. In other words pretty much anyone could toss up a vague prediction similar to this and claim fulfillment eventually.)


On 10-09-2018 on Facebook Shamp announced that Hurricane Michael is related to the prophecy he released dated 01-15-2018. (Archived link)


The headline said Leviathan would be silenced. Shamp said “the prayers of the righteous will silence the storm.”

Was the storm silenced?





Looks like Hurricane Michael was silenced to a category 4 with 155mph winds at landfall with major destruction and life lost.

Silenced and devastation are not mutually exclusive terms for Prophet Charlie Shamp as we see from this Facebook post. (Archived link)


As I was tidying up this entry I noticed Shamp did some prophetic chest pounding and ranting against heresy hunters on Facebook. (Archived link)


Unless the definition of silence means something else, I’d highly suggest that world leaders not seek his opinion about what is to come.

The prophetic word also said Leviathan’s head would be crushed, damaging him beyond repair.

My word will go forth from your mouth as a piecing arrow of deliverance that will strike the serpent. In that day I will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent with my fierce and mighty sword, even Leviathan the twisted serpent and my body will silence this dragon who lives in the sea. You will crush the head of Leviathan, you deal to him a wound that he will not recover from as you pray.

This implications of this are astounding. From here on out none can further claim Leviathan is attacking them. Why? Because his head is crushed and he can’t recover. This renders all books on how to defeat Leviathan unnecessary. That is, if Shamp is a true prophet. To keep those books or to dispose of them? Tough call.

3 thoughts on “Shamp Prophecy Silences Hurricane Michael down to Cat 4 155mph Winds at Landfall Causing Major Damage and Life Lost”

  1. I am wondering if there are two or three people have confirmed it. Prophecy is not easy and the bible never says that a prophet will not make mistake. For that reason the bible says,”1 Thessalonians 5:20-21 English Standard Version (ESV) 20 Do not despise prophecies, 21 but test everything; hold fast what is good.”

    If I get a prophetic words from someone or even a prophet, I will not despise it and pray again for confirmations knowing no one perfect and can make mistakes.

    If God could use donkey, God can use Charlie Shamp in the future even he made mistakes.
    I will keep myself open and at the same time does what the bible says,”Test everything”.

    Thank you for writing this article. It is a reminder that we need to pray again and ask for confirmations, not just accept any prophetic words easily as the bible says so.


    1. The point of testing things isn’t that true prophets say false stuff sometimes, the point of testing is that false prophets sneak into the church, and just before accepting what they have to say because they claim to speak for God, we should test it first.


  2. Is that Shamp or Sham? The obvious question, as with all these other alleged prophets, is: If he could shut down this storm, why can’t he shut down or prevent all the others, which seem to be increasing in force and number in recent years?


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