Musical Selfie at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church: A Godless Song About Self and How Powerful They Are


Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church sang what I can only describe as a musical version of a selfie. Before singing their post sermon song, the leader on stage specifically directed them to pay attention to the lyrics because the song had important things they needed to know.

The lyrics made no mention of God at all, but rather instructed the singers to focus on themselves.  Worrying about what others think about your status in life is an important thing to know, as is knowing when it is your time and your moment to take your place. They also sang about being able to take on mountains and giants, but that was without any reference to God, at all.

This is the exact opposite of what should be happening at a worship service. We should be singing about God’s power and beauty, and how amazing God is, not about how amazing we are, or about how people are thinking about us in life. If you’re going to sing about overcoming obstacles, then draw attention to God, and give credit to him.

Please, if you lead a church like this, or are involved in this type of approach, repent and bring things back to God, and away from self.


Original video here.

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