Dr. Michael Brown Promotes Baby Throwing Evangelist Smith Wigglesworth


Dr. Michael Brown is supposed to be the go to person for all things Hebrew related. Brown is portrayed as an academic and expert in scripture. He’s promoted as a primary source to reference. Yet despite all of his supposed wisdom and knowledge in scripture he does something as foolish as promote a man like Smith Wigglesworth who is on record as actually throwing a baby against a wall and kicking it like a soccer ball.

Brown shared a quote where Wigglesworth said he likes to read the Bible in the Holy Spirit. Which spirit is Wigglesworth reading in? Why is Brown promoting a guy who thinks the Holy Spirit is telling him to kick babies like a soccer ball and throw them against a wall? How can Dr. Michael Brown be taken as a supposed moderate representative of the pentecostals and charismatics when he’s promoting such a dangerous person like Wigglesworth?


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