Musical Selfie at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church: A Godless Song About Self and How Powerful They Are


Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church sang what I can only describe as a musical version of a selfie. Before singing their post sermon song, the leader on stage specifically directed them to pay attention to the lyrics because the song had important things they needed to know.

The lyrics made no mention of God at all, but rather instructed the singers to focus on themselves.  Worrying about what others think about your status in life is an important thing to know, as is knowing when it is your time and your moment to take your place. They also sang about being able to take on mountains and giants, but that was without any reference to God, at all.

This is the exact opposite of what should be happening at a worship service. We should be singing about God’s power and beauty, and how amazing God is, not about how amazing we are, or about how people are thinking about us in life. If you’re going to sing about overcoming obstacles, then draw attention to God, and give credit to him.

Please, if you lead a church like this, or are involved in this type of approach, repent and bring things back to God, and away from self.


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Dr. Michael Brown Promotes Baby Throwing Evangelist Smith Wigglesworth


Dr. Michael Brown is supposed to be the go to person for all things Hebrew related. Brown is portrayed as an academic and expert in scripture. He’s promoted as a primary source to reference. Yet despite all of his supposed wisdom and knowledge in scripture he does something as foolish as promote a man like Smith Wigglesworth who is on record as actually throwing a baby against a wall and kicking it like a soccer ball.

Brown shared a quote where Wigglesworth said he likes to read the Bible in the Holy Spirit. Which spirit is Wigglesworth reading in? Why is Brown promoting a guy who thinks the Holy Spirit is telling him to kick babies like a soccer ball and throw them against a wall? How can Dr. Michael Brown be taken as a supposed moderate representative of the pentecostals and charismatics when he’s promoting such a dangerous person like Wigglesworth?


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Experience Outweighs Scripture Implies Apostle Jennifer LeClaire


Apostle Jennifer LeClaire was giving a message on demons. She gave three ways demons find their way in. LeClaire claimed she was only going to give ways found in scripture. Her first way was through generational curses based on Exodus 20:5.

LeClaire quoted Galatians 3:13 and acknowledged that it says Christ redeems Christians from the curse of the law. She then appealed to personal experience as proof that Christians can still have a curse. She contradicted her earlier claim that she was just going to give ways found in scripture, and instead used personal experience to trump what scripture clearly teaches in Galatians 3:13. LeClaire pointed out that the “Spirit filled” community tends to believe in generational curses. How can you claim to be Spirit filled if you put personal experience above scripture?

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Todd Bentley’s Vintage Heresy Oil and Prayer Cloths


During a recent meeting Todd Bentley showed his audience a jug of anointing oil that was apparently prayed over by A.A. Allen. He also has prayer cloths from A.A. Allen and William Branham.

There is nothing new under the sun. The Roman Catholic Church has made use of relics for years, this is the charimaniac equivalent. This is witchcraft trying to pass itself off as Christianity. Oil and cloths don’t have super powers just because they were once prayed over by some now dead heretics.

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Word Power Keeps Debt Away Implies Joyce Meyer


Joyce Meyer implied your words have the power to keep debt away in a recent video she posted to Facebook.

She appeals to the power of words. Within the context of her word of faith theology, she is clearly implying that words have enough power to keep debt away. The bible never grants out words that much power, but instead calls us to use our money wisely to avoid unnecessary debt.

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Video Comparison: Matt Chandler and Bethel Redding’s Shawn Bolz on the Same Page: Kooky Practices of Charismatic Things


Matt Chandler is now on the same page as Bethel Redding’s Shawn Bolz regarding kooky ways of doing charismatic things. Watch the video comparison below. Bolz and Chandler describe God giving them words to give to people, and describe receiving really bizarre mental impressions from God, apparently.

People have been watching Chandler for a while, noticing his decline into the dangerous practices of charismania.

Video: Matt Chandler’s Concerning Spiritual Teachings, Experiences, and Practices on Sign Gifts

Matt Chandler Appears to Affirm Bright White Light Appearance of Jesus to Woman

Matt Chandler was once in the respectable wing of pastors identifying as Reformed-Calvinistic. He’s now in another pool. Not a far end of the pool, but in a different pool all together. His feet are now in the same waters as the likes of Bethel Redding, Bill Johnson, and Shawn Bolz.

Those following Chandler should start looking elsewhere. Pray that he and those who have adopted these dangerous practices would be granted correction and repentance from these dangerous ways.

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Blame Cindy Jacobs for Terrorist Attacks and Tyrannical Leaders


Cindy Jacobs says she has the power to stop terrorist attacks and overthrow tyrannical leaders. She claimed she stopped the shoe bomber, and overthrew Mugabe in Zimbabwe and Zuma in South Africa. She says Christians can act as enforcers and do those things.

If she wants to take credit for stopping events and leaders, then she needs to take credit for failure to stop them. Right now there are dozens of corrupt evil leaders in the world, oppressing their people. Why isn’t Cindy Jacobs acting as an enforcer and ousting them?

The answer? Because she’s a fraud. Watch her entire appearance on Sid Roth as she tells the narrative of how powerful and amazing she is, and how you can be too if you just listen to her and buy her materials.

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