Beth Moore Is Biblically Sound, Orthodox, Competent Says SBC Pastor Dwight McKissic and Wants Her to Be SBC President


SBC Pastor Dwight McKissic of Cornerstone Baptist Church thinks Beth Moore is biblically sound, orthodox, competent, and accomplished. He’d nominate her for SBC president if he could.

If I thought Beth Moore would accept the nomination or be agreeable to being nominated, because of her qualifications and the current context the SBC finds herself in…I would nominate her for SBC President.

Imagine for a moment with me, what if the person serving as SBC President at this hour was a competent, accomplished, biblically sound, orthodox female who could address the multitude of questions and issues the SBC is facing regarding women issues? The criticism and skepticism would be less dramatic if the SBC historically had demonstrated confidence and belief in the gifts and value of SBC women serving at all levels of leadership in SBC institutional life within the boundaries of the Bible.

Beth Moore is anything but biblically sound, orthodox, and competent.

She’s willing to promote Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church.


Moore promotes word of faith heretic Joyce Meyer.



There is more evidence to prove Beth Moore is not biblically sound, orthodox, and competent. Frankly, if her bear hugging of the prosperity gospel Lakewood Church and word of faith heretic Joyce Meyer doesn’t convince you that she’s not biblically sound, orthodox and competent, then nothing will.

Any pastor who is convinced she’s biblically sound, orthodox, and competent needs to have their theological equilibrium checked.

Original source here.

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