Paul Cain’s Homosexuality, Drunkenness, Failed Restoration Recalled by Rick Joyner


Rick Joyner posted a video on Facebook where he recalled the past homosexual relationships, drunkenness, and failed restoration of Paul Cain.

(Link to video if it doesn’t show above.)
Rick Joyner claims Paul Cain fell into homosexuality, was a drunkard, and basically rebelled against the restoration process offered to him by Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle, and Jack Deere. He says Paul Cain lied about living a celibate life. Joyner does hold out hope that Paul Cain got right with God before dying.


Charlie Shamp: You’ll Stop the Sun in 2019 and an Ironic Clouds Without Water Lecture


We’re nearing a new year and it’s that time where apostles and prophets offer up an all you can puke on buffet of nebulous and grandiose prophetic words for the upcoming year. Prophet Charlie Shamp offered his for 2019, and told us Christians will be able to stop the sun. He then talked about people who are like clouds without water. I have no idea how he said it with a straight face, I know mine wasn’t as I watched it.

This is another addition for
The HRI Folder of Charlie Shamp’s Prophetic Failure, Nonsense, and Heresy. Click the link to read further.

Bill Johnson & Bethel Redding’s Massive Influence Over Awakening Australia Remains Despite Clever Semantics


The director of Awakening Australia, Ben Fitzgerald had an issue with a critique of Awakening Australia written by Stephen Tan Wei Shan (He writes for The Gospel Coalition Australia).

Ben Fitzgerald thought Stephen Tan Wei Shan unfairly put a close link between Awakening Australia and Bethel Redding pastored by Bill Johnson.

i) Awakening is not Bethel (Source)

The first thing that Ben wanted to address is the connection between Awakening and Bethel. Ben felt that it was unfair for me to closely link Awakening to Bethel as Awakening is an inter-denominational evangelistic event which calls on Christians and churches to lay aside secondary theological differences for the sake of advancing the gospel in Australia. At the time of writing the article, the four listed main speakers were either from Bethel or affiliated to Bethel (Bill Johnson, Ben Fitzgerald, Heidi Baker and Todd White). In the last few days it has been announced that Nick Vujicic will also be a main speaker at the event and Nick is clearly not from Bethel or Bethel affiliated. Ben has also said that Bill Johnson will only have one 50-minute speaking slot at the event and that Nick and Todd are actually going to be the main speakers. With this new development I think it is fair to say that Awakening is more ecumenical than what I initially thought. In saying that there is still a strong Bethel influence (Bill Johnson, Bethel Music is one of the bands and Bethel is financially supporting the event and sending 200 members from California to serve).

Bill Johnson was interviewed at the Awakening Australia event and affirmed the idea that he’s the papa of the entire movement.

There is a substantive Bethel Redding and Bill Johnson influence over Awakening Australia that can’t be distanced from or removed with clever semantics. Watch the full interview below, and read the original article and the response to decide for yourself.

Andy Stanley’s Skinny Jeans Epiphany


Andy Stanley has apparently had an epiphany about the effectiveness of skinny jeans on spreading the gospel. He shared his epiphany on Twitter, and has concluded skinny jeans don’t work.


This epiphany is directly related to his desire to move his latest product.

book1.pngIf his newest sage advice on how to advance the gospel is like his sage advice in the past, you should save your money and buy something else. In the past he has used music with suggestive lyrics, Seinfeld jokes, and boy band song openers to advance the gospel.

God has given us his word. That’s all we need. Andy Stanley is right about skinny jeans, sadly his alternatives are not right.

You’re Too Fat For Your Shirt: God Is Sending a Tsunami of New Shirts


Apparently everyone is too fat for their shirts, so God is sending a tsunami of new bigger shirts for us to put on for the new thing he’s going to do, according to Dena Montgomery Gullings of Princess Warriors Ministry in her latest Facebook video. The new thing is even going to happen at Walmart. (Click this link if the video doesn’t appear below.)

This is nothing more than another serving of nonsensical pseudo-prophetic word salad. In their world God is always doing something new. It’s as if he never finishes a thing because the new thing, the shift, new season, you get the idea, is always coming forth.

Don’t buy into this nonsense. Prophetic words like this are formed by the same old words obtained from their grab bag of rote meaningless words.


Lance Wallnau Implies Success of Trump on Same Level as Success of the Church


Lance Wallnau implied that the success of President Trump, and the advancement of the church are on the same level. He also put fear of speaking up for President Trump on the same level as the fear of speaking up for God.


Full video here.

Victory Tips Surplus Store: Charlie Shamp’s Decrees Render All Other Victory Tips Unnecessary


Patricia King and Robert Hotchkin offer tips on how to get victory and favor, but they totally fail to realize their tips aren’t needed, because since the end of September 2018 Charlie Shamp has decreed some version of total victory at least six times.

Why are King’s and Hotchkin’s tips necessary if all can be set straight with a simple decree from Charlie Shamp? Why do we need tips from any other teachers on this topic? Charlie Shamp’s decrees have pretty much rendered all other teachings on this topic as mere victory tip surplus. Even as surplus, it’s not needed.

Let’s pause and think for a minute before we get too hasty. Charlie Shamp has decreed some form of victory six times in about two months, which might imply his decrees aren’t exactly effective. You’d think at most, three decrees would do it. So maybe King and Hotchkin don’t need to deposit their tips in a victory tip surplus store quite yet.

All kidding aside, the point should be clear about the nonsense of endless victory tips and decrees. They clearly don’t work, otherwise Shamp would cancel out the need for all others.

Next time you see one of these phonies promising victory, breakthrough, and the like online, copy and paste the links below, and inform them they’re not necessary because Charlie Shamp has decreed victory six times already.







The evidence supporting the above is below.